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02-18-2013, 01:47 PM
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A few things to think about, there is no way to get better other than practicing, it sounds like you are trying to teach yourself and that's admirable but you are likely not practicing with good technique. Find a power skating coach and your results will come much quicker. Also learning to become a great skater takes a looooonnnnngggggggggg time. I am far from a great skater but I would consider myself adequate. In my beer league (Intermediate level) I would consider myself in the top 25% of skaters. Also I have been an athlete my whole life and am just more naturally athletic than some others and I would say it still took me several years of playing until I was truly comfortable using all skating techniques in game situations. Yet even today I have my strengths and weaknesses as most people are stronger on some edges than other. My point is even though it's frustrating it just takes practice and time. If you are dedicated the results will come you just have to be patient.

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