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07-11-2006, 10:33 PM
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Originally Posted by mark0v View Post
I don't know why you say that he was much better than Quintal or Bouillon .Everybody expected Hainsey to makes the team , but he was doing so risky plays everytime he touched the puck , that he was sending down . I think that you just look at his stats to say that he was better than the other two .

I remember how Quintal was always in trouble , because he had to cover bothe his side and the one of Hainsey . Nobody were considering Bouillon to be there , so if Hainsey was send down , it was because he didn't play well .
I was one of the few that liked him enough back then , he even made comments he didn't really know why he was sent down. That was not well recived among the fans and he's been bashed for it because his reputation was already weak. And Quintal was pretty much always in trouble.

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