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02-18-2013, 01:54 PM
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Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
Grandfather them in.

At least visors.

CHL and NCAA and below are mandated anyway.

It shouldn't be a choice anymore.

I didn't want to derail the thread. But its an issue I've always felt strongly about. And got on the subject because Staal's concussion was brought up.
And guess how much your opinion means? Nothing.

You're not a player, you're not an owner. It's really none of your business.

Face masks would be bad for the game. Fighting, post whistle scrums, and other violence is a big selling point of the game. And face masks do not prevent the serious injuries. They don't prevent a hit to the head. Proper visors properly worn prevent most eye injuries (Really thin visors pushed all the way up don't count. I feel like players wear those just for style or something, because they offer zero protection). Injuries to the lower part of the face don't impact play. There's plenty of players who have lost teeth and come back in the same game. Sucks for them, but a fan this is not your business and not your concern. As a fan, I could care less if a player loses his teeth because of a puck to the jaw because it doesn't impact on ice performance (besides missing part of a game). Most of the players who have lost teeth seem like they don't really care that much. And I haven't heard of any of them lobbying for face masks.

Also, with regards to powe, I don't think a face mask would've prevented his injury, or made it any less severe. The shock from that kind of collision can't be absorbed by a small piece of metal.

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