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Originally Posted by cgjoe64 View Post
I agree. Cost is huge, about $ 7500 for dues alone in Newfoundland for a 4 team league. Losing the top players is huge on the other kids. The 97 Bantom AAA team that was runner up at the Atlantics at Peewee did not even Qualify as the Newfoundland representative without those players.
As far as development goes, a lot of the kids who were in all the extra schools and camps are developed early, and progress drops of at midget for many. The other kids start to catch up at this age as they become more focused on hockey and gain more ice time.
Hockey has become a rich mans game. You see it in all sports, that many kids slip away because of cost. The whole set up of hockey encourages parents to shell out money in the quest for that NHL dream or College scholarship. Maybe the answer is to adopt the european soccer model where a senior club scouts a young player, signs him up and in return for owning his rights trains him in an academy syastem.
Europeans have been using the "sports school" model for decades. Not only does it promote the sport and devellopment, but, it also provides motivation and a stimulating environment for kids to learn. As much as teachers dont like hearing it...not all kids like going to school. When they know they will lace the skates everyday as part of school, for some of those kids, that can be the difference between enjoying school or not.
This not only applies for sports, but also applies for music, dance, anything really that kids enjoy.

this is another topic that is an endless debate...

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