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02-18-2013, 02:08 PM
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Reading the thread on the Pens board is amazing, I highly recommend you do it for the laughs. I know the majority of their fans are new, but some of the posts...

Guy saying Neil only fights guys smaller
Guy *****ing about Sutton hit on Leopold calling it a clear charge
Really ******** guy calling Alfredsson a dirty punk
Calling the coach classless

Neil still has never been suspended, that never gets old, and apparently pisses them off more than anything. They want him to be compared to Cooke so bad it's cute. Think they shed more tears than we did strangely...

Originally Posted by MtlPenFan View Post
Tell me how this is any different than the Cooke hit.
Neil stands up for himself, doesn't wait months until the issue is forced, but Neil actually has balls so this is to be expected.

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