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02-18-2013, 02:20 PM
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Originally Posted by UnderratedBrooks44 View Post
I see Bennett do a thing or two though. He and Tangradi have had roughly the same impact on games so far, but I see Bennett come up the ice in stride with the attack. I see the puck come to him at a time he needs to immediately make a good decision with it, and he does. It's not much, but you I can see a player that has a chance at being legit at this level. Maybe not great, but a decent producer. Other than Tangradi's size I didn't see anything of not or anything that might grow. That goes for his entire time here, not just this season. That's just what I see. Bennett is really raw but I don't have to squint to see he has some kind of chance to make it. All players are treated differently because they're not all the same, i.e. how Bennett is treated compared to Tangradi.
Aside from being responsible on the ice, BB isn't doing anything special. Tangradi had a really nice power move where he wrapped the puck around the net once to like BB. BB is flubbing passes, fanning on shots, and basically doing nothing to remotely suggest he is an elite offensive talent yet.

Somehow people are seeing things that aren't there yet, but by the same token equally tearing down Tangradi. Tangradi has looked better in his two games with the Jets than BB has. I think BB is the much better prospect, but people are really grasping at straws to find something here with BB's play.

Neither of these two guys will magically get better without consistent minutes. I keep saying it, but relatively few people truly grasp it. We already have some people wanting BB sent back. It's ****ing tiresome how impatient people are and to endlessly cite Tangradi's amount of games played as a legit chance without looking at his TOI.

Both guys are getting legit shots now. Lets see what happens, good or bad.

I don't see how Despres/Bort are being punished. They rotated Bort in yesterday to get him in the mix, that's all I saw. Maybe you meant something else. As for Niskanen, I don't see what makes either rookie decidedly better than him. Other than Despres' high end plays he can make, which are offset by his deficiences like turning the puck over, I just don't see it personally.
When both are playing, DB is cutting their ice time dramatically now. These guys showed they could help you win, why reduce them to 8-10 mins and wear out your top four? It is just a bad all around idea.

Nisky is a decent top four guy, but he is being built up way too much around here.

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