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07-11-2006, 11:07 PM
Clown Fiesta
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Help! I'm an idiot...

Ok so I purchased some RBK 4k inline skates, and i just drilled the rivets out to take off the chassis, however now that I have one chassis off I'm not so sure I know what Im doing, I need to clean out the holes and make sure there is no rivet left in them, suggestions at this point would be great... Now also my Tuuk Rocker chassis is a little off, as in maybe 1/8th an inch on the holes if I line front outside hole up, would it be ok then to drill new holes, and insert the rivets. Or would it be better to just slap the old chassis on and say screw it. Not sure at this point I'd like to get the rocker mounted but I dont want to jack up my bladez any more than I have (minimal) I dont see it being a huge problem drilling holes in the boot but if you advise against it let me know, also what do I need to put those frickin rivets back in I assumed I had the tool in the box with the chassis but it is starting to seem like that is a no go. Anyone that has any experience with this please let me know. I'll be giving out Kudos for those that help

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