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07-11-2006, 11:10 PM
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Hey Stan,

Yeh, I didn't make myself super clear on that first paragraph, I agree.

The Bulldogs were around before the Citadelles, but, one season, the 'Dogs owners decided to sell the team to this guy that wanted to bring the AHL in Toronto. Hamilton fans weren't happy about this, but didn't voice their concerns until it was too late. Luckily for them, the Citadelles were up for sale that same year, so the folks that sold the Dogs bought the Citadelles, and so Hamilton didn't have to go without hockey.

I never would have known about this had I not read it in a Bulldogs program. I don't think it was widely known outside of Hamilton.

But, in my last paragraph, where I mention AHL crowds and merchandise sales have nothing to do with getting and NHL team back, I am referring to the Minnesota Moose avg. attendance of ~ 3,000. The team was there for two years prior to it's current stint in Winnipeg, and didn't draw a lot of fans, before the NHL returned to the Twin Cities and sold out every game. The Manitoba Moose average 7,000 or so fans per game, consistently near the top of the league. Come playoff time they have attracted crowds of 15,000 and set attendance records for playoff games held before the final round.

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