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02-18-2013, 03:50 PM
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Originally Posted by TravisUlrich View Post
Last season he ended the year on a 17-game point streak. And that wasn't on Crosby's line. He was being bounced between flanking Sid, Geno, and Staal but no matter where you put him, the man produced. Anyone else; Tangradi, Bennett, TK, anybody and everyone would be on their knob. Dupuis pretty much has to produce at twice the level he's expected to to get any respect around here.
I don't think it has anything to do with respect. If we gave a guy with more talent, as much drive and better hands Dupuis' spot next to Crosby, that guy would produce double what Dupuis does. It's not his fault, it's just reality. For all he produces, he could be producing oh so much more if he cashed in on more than 1-2 of his 7+ chances per game.

After all, there is a reason he agreed to less than $2 million/year. Even he knows a great thing when he sees it...i.e. playing with Crosby. Doesn't mean we have to continue down this path, if we can do better.

I'm not advocating a trade or letting Dupuis go as a UFA, per se. I'm saying I wouldn't blindly re-sign him now just because he'd be cheap. Let's see if we can get out of Round 1 this spring.

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