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02-18-2013, 02:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Helo View Post
Wow your deduction skills are unmatchable,yes we are losers this season, so what?
I would never say this if we were in play-off race or in play-offs. Cup of Hope is ****ing useless,thats why i asked whats the point of winning in a tournament that doesnt REALLY give you anything.
Well I guess they'll give the winning team some kind of a trophy. And there also might be some individual trophies for best scorer and such. And, as vorky already says, KHL pays for this... Plus Bukarts has to fight for a new contract and so bunch of other guys. How about regaining winning mentality and creating the core of next year's team already this season + keep players in top form till the WC...?

Donbass will fight to win it, Yugra too... I just hope we are not the only ones who will go on the ice with a ''loser's cup'' philosophy, cause then we really are ******* miserable losers... If you go on ice, you go on ice to win. Doesn't matter what is the tournament or what you get. Just watch the beginning of this video of Sibir from last season's end- no wonder they are in play-offs now.
We now say to the guys- there's no need to look at the 8th place, it's very far from us, 20 points already, but rather look at the team we are facing next. And let's try to catch them, step by step. And nobody has taken away the joy of wining. if you win every game, you don't feel like a loser. After every game you won you feel like a winner, like a real man. And you rise up every morning with a wish to work harder and harder.

I believe Sandis had something similar when Atlant was still very far from play-offs. Yeah I understand that Cup of Hope is not the fight for play-offs but when the coach of Sibir told these words he knew that there is no play-off for Sibir that season, but he still encouraged the team and look at them now- without Tarasenko but in play-offs. And that speech is the main reason I'll support Sibir in the East this year.

I just don't understand this mentality of throwing games....

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