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02-18-2013, 03:04 PM
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Reading through the NHLPA's summary of the new CBA, found this on PED testing: "during the off-season (no more than 60 tests per off-season and subject to NHL/NHLPA agreement on logistics and off-season testing protocols)" if a player were to use PEDs only in the offseason, there would be a maximum 8.5% (60 out of ~700 players) chance that he'd be tested, if the NHL decided to do the max number of tests. Reduce that further to account for whatever "logistic" requirements have to be satisfied, and then take into account successfully masked doping and testing errors. Seems like avoiding getting caught is a pretty good bet.

Of course, if the NHL are doing the max 60 tests, randomly, and no NHL'er fails, that says something else. I don't expect the league to release that info, AFAIK they never have in the past, which is curious, as the whole reason for testing seems to be to assuage fan fears?

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