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Originally Posted by vorky View Post
As I said, chinese version of website makes more sense because khl wants to expand into asian market, china is biggest country by population, near russian borders - so league/clubs can attract chinese money...I dont know how khl thinks, but I would do it witih 3-5 yrs.

Now let's be realistic, China could invest in Russian based continental football league, also basketball league or even more plausible table tennis or badminton league, but hockey?? I'm sure NHL does not sleep and sees every marketing etc. opportunity NBA uses to get money from China (the same with European football clubs), so why don't they go to Chinese hockey market? Because there is no such market! I can understand Zagreb, Gdansk or Milan (in hockey popularity probably in this order) but hockey does not exist in China. IT DOES NOT. You can show me tables and pictures from world championships but hockey does not exist in China. Maybe in 30 years there will be hockey, who knows, but at the moment how do you imagine Chinese hockey market? Chinese fans being ordered by people with guns to watch 20 foreigners play a weird game chasing black round things on ice?? Chinese poor people have no money for tickets and wealthy middle class will better watch Chelsea or Messi with Barcelona than go to something called hockey? Would you go to American football or baseball game if you had a team in the 2nd best league? I don't know, maybe you understand these sports but I sure better would go to Latvian ''soccer'' league game than watch something that's totally foreign to me... with no Latvian playing that game or being even remotly decent at that. And with no chance something might change in 20 years.

But of course I agree that maybe not several language versions are needed for KHL, but maybe to promote a hockey forum in English (and those national languages) based on KHL home page. In that case more people would be able to discuss things, I mean it's great here at HFboards but more people would probably see adds watching the game and will join in that case creating more interest about the league. As I have noticed that Dinamo Riga is in KHL from the beginning but still many Latvians don't know much about the league except the team names and the fact that "Russia sucks" and that's why we would maybe need such a thing, as otherwise we have guys like Namejs who talks about how Amur is not needed in the league because he probably believes instead of fans there are bears with balalaika and samovar in the stands, for tickets priced USD 1, the team's owner is a guy in a leather jacket called Sasha Beliy carrying around AK 47 all the time and the team is 20 clones of Oleg Znarok only 3 times less talented and 2 times more talented in swearing, fighting and moustache...

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