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02-18-2013, 03:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Malkin4Top6Wingerz View Post
Boychuk looked better in his first game than Tangradi had in any game he's ever played as a Penguin, which is much more of an indictment on Tangradi's play than it is an endorsement of Boychuks. You seem to want to brush that aside because it clashes with your agenda. Not my problem.
At least Boychuk got rolled minutes for all of his games. Giving a guy six random shifts over 2-3 games is not a legit shot.

Who exactly has looked good on the second line? Last time I checked all the other guys who swung onto that line didn't get a point or light **** up and they all had regular shifts to prove something. Of course when Jeffrey did well he got benched to. He sucks also.

Just because you got your hopes up Tangradi was the second coming of Stevens and had to be the "answer" right now, isn't my problem either boss.

This organization didn't **** up Tangradi, he just sucked and couldn't earn a spot in a lineup that he should have his name penciled in the top 9 for if he was anywhere near as talented as we were lead to believe.

Teams everywhere have prospects just like Tangradi who don't get anywhere near the opportunity that he got. This is the NHL. You aren't often handed opportunities, and when you are, you damn well better take advantage of them if you want to stick. Tangradi didn't, and now he's gone. Boychuk will likely soon follow. That's how it goes when you're playing at the highest level of a sport.
He did earn a spot in the lineup, but DB decided last season and this season to give his minutes to waiver wire fodder and washed up vets.

DB made up his mind about Tangradi a long time ago and didn't want him on the team. Those are impossible odds for any rookie to overcome. At least he is away from DB now and the ridiculous venom of fans who expected too much.

Now it is starting all over with BB... The high expectations... People seeing stuff that isn't there... I give it a month before people start turning on him if he doesn't adjust quickly enough for people's liking.

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