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Originally Posted by Northender View Post
Here's maybe a stupid question, sorry. But maybe someone knows this: If the IIHF held the hockey tournament during the summer oly's, could the NHl stop its players from going? If they said no, would it stand up to a legal challenge?
Technically yes - if the player is under contract.

The SPC prohibits a player from engaging in sports (including hockey) without the consent of the club. If the player did so, anyway, the team could suspend the player or even terminate the SPC for breach. In addition, if the player we're injured, he would be suspended w/o pay indefinitely untill he was physically able to play - and if it were a serious injury, the team could terminate the SPC and the player would be SOL.

Originally Posted by CBA Exhibit 1 - Standard Players Contract
7. The Player and the Club recognize and agree that the Player's participation in other sports
may impair or destroy his ability and skill as a hockey Player. Accordingly the Player agrees
that he will not during the period of this SPC or during any period when he is obligated under
this SPC to enter into a further SPC with the Club engage or participate in football, baseball,
softball, hockey, lacrosse, boxing, wrestling or other athletic sport without the written consent of
the Club, which consent will not be unreasonably withheld.

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