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Originally Posted by Mr Jiggyfly View Post
It's basically the same **** around here...

Tangradi came up and people gushed over him, even though he looked as ordinary as BB has. It was the same with Caputi as well. After awhile, people grow impatient, then turn on guys. It isn't just Pens fans, as I tried to tell Leafs fans to be patient with Kadri and that Wilson was mishandling him. So many fans overrate prospects, turn on them way too early, etc.

BB is the next great hope around here and I really don't want to see the stupidity that happens when people realize it is going to take months or longer of consistent ice time before he even begins to look comfortable. If DB even lets that happen.

Tangradi is gone, but DB continues to bench rookies and cut their minutes for no reason. With all of the talent heading for the big club over the next several seasons, I'm worried about DB botching the development of these kids.

If I see him develop BB, Bort and Despres, then I will give him his dues and worry less. Until I see it, and he keeps benching/cutting their ice time, I am going to question him.
I personally haven't gushed over any of them, far from it. What I've said about Tangradi is nothing I haven't said about Caputi for the most part, and you can even throw in the great Janne Pesonen if you want. I'm completely neutral on Bennett. I think he looks better than Tangradi, but it's splitting hairs. All I personally said was I thought the guy looked like he had a chance to make it in the league. A chance, nothing more, and we'll know for sure most likely in 2-3 years. He won't have piqued then, but we'll know. I think they knew with Tangradi and the other guys previously mentioned.

With respect to the Dmen, give it some time. There's nothing wrong with Bortuzzo playing less minutes. He's played what, a half a dozen NHL games? Let's take it easy. Despres has flashes of what could be consistent greatness but right now, if I'm being frank, he also passes the puck directly to the other team in bunches some games. I don't have a problem with easing them in.

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