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02-18-2013, 03:30 PM
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Originally Posted by ZebraCritic View Post
Watt ever are you talking about Grabbers.....You are so Randy with your comments on this forum. Couple of slow days in Raiderville and you have to come on here and stir the pot. Another team dare steal the spot light from the holier than thou Nepean Raiders?

Why not disregard Pontarelli's season or bemoan how well Blaso has done? Maybe belittle Lane for doing so well on a 8/9 team!

Why don't you stick to commenting on the positives of the Nepean Raiders without sounding like you work for the team....oh wait.

Congrats to all the great kids in this league and continued success.

Grabbers your 15 minutes have been up for well over a year now. Please go back into hibernation.

Who works for the team? You constantly relay CP information so just relax zebra. Toss in another "wish everyone success" or try and direct peoples attention elsewhere (poorly as usual).

How about some comments on your loss to the Colts - again. Any inside information to share?

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