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02-18-2013, 03:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Mr Jiggyfly View Post
At least Boychuk got rolled minutes for all of his games. Giving a guy six random shifts over 2-3 games is not a legit shot.
Boychuk continued to get minutes because he looked like he could play on that line. When Tangradi was playing with Neal and Malkin he could not have looked more out of place.

This is a continuing theme with you Jiggy where you confuse the relationship between ice time and what a player has done on the ice. Tangradi hasn't gotten consistent looks because he has done little to nothing to show that he deserves it, or that the team would benefit in the long run if he were given more rope. Boychuk got more of an opportunity because from his very first shift he showed a level of play that far exceeded what we'd seen from Tangradi.

The best forwards in the league all play around 20 minutes a game. That doesn't mean that if you give Matt Cooke that kind of ice time he's going to play at that level. It just means that the guys who are given that kind of ice time earned it with their play. The same thing applies here, just on a smaller scale. Tangradi is not going to transform into a different player than what we've seen just on account of getting more ice time. If he's not doing anything of note in 8-10 minutes a game, it's foolish to assume that he'll be a solution for this team's winger problems if he's given a full time gig in the top 9.

The closest examples you can bring up to Tangradi are Kadri and Schenn who are light years more talented than he is and show it every shift they're on the ice. What I want to see are the mediocre prospects who were thrown into top 9 roles despite not producing or looking like competent NHLers that eventually developed into useful players. Maybe just then we'll have something comparable to Tangradi.

Just because you got your hopes up Tangradi was the second coming of Stevens and had to be the "answer" right now, isn't my problem either boss.
I'd take Tangradi showing glimpses of being the second coming of Kevin Stevens circa 2002 for crying out loud.

He did earn a spot in the lineup, but DB decided last season and this season to give his minutes to waiver wire fodder and washed up vets.
Looks like your definition of earned a spot is different than everybody else's.

DB made up his mind about Tangradi a long time ago and didn't want him on the team. Those are impossible odds for any rookie to overcome. At least he is away from DB now and the ridiculous venom of fans who expected too much.
Also impossible odds for any rookie to overcome: not being an NHL talent.

Now it is starting all over with BB... The high expectations... People seeing stuff that isn't there... I give it a month before people start turning on him if he doesn't adjust quickly enough for people's liking.
Thing is, nobody had anything resembling high expectations of Tangradi coming into this season. It was basically, 'hey, it'd be nice if he actually created a scoring chance, hit somebody, or got a threatening shot on goal.' Somehow, he still found a way to disappoint.

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