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12-18-2003, 12:38 PM
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Originally Posted by speeds
No doubt in my mind that it is a perfect time to "embrace the horror" and have a real quick reload here to get ready for the post-lockout era.

Oilers are a rebuilding club that honestly would be best served by moving as many of Smith, Laraque, Isbister, Dvorak***, Cross, Ferguson, Staois*** and Smyth*** as possible by the end of January. Load up on picks, hopefully pick top 10 this year, and come out swinging post lockout.
You've wanted this for ages speeds - and now I'm with you but with a few qualifiers. The team is not served by having everyone aged 22-24. Cross, Staios, Dvorak and Smyth can stay as vet leaders. As for who goes:

Smith - if we can sign him before the trade deadline for 2 more years at 2.4 and 2.6 million then I'd do that. If it looks like he'll go arb on us then trade him at the deadline - the return will be impressive.

Laraque - another deadline deal for a team getting ready for playoffs because everyone know that this is where BG excels. A goalie prospect would be a nice return.

Salo - anything absolutely anything would be a good return because it's very clear that he's lost it and it isn't coming back. Salo has simply not worked hard enough to maintain his skills. Worst case scenario is we dont pick up his options and wave goodbye this summer.

Fergy - a throw-in on a trade in March or just not re-signed

Isbister - this is tough because the guy needs to figure out who he is. He's not ever going to be Bertuzzi - but he could be an absolutely dynamite 3rd line RW on a line with Reasoner and Moreau. These guys have everything you need to play against opposition top lines - big, fast, tough, skilled. On a lot of nights they could do real damage 5 on 5 against top lines. Two things have to happen though - Izzy has to buy into this the same way Marty did - and he has to sign a contract like Moreau's (less dough for more years). If that doesn't happen - then yeah trade him.

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