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02-18-2013, 05:06 PM
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Agree with both paragraphs.

Yes, there is no hockey market now in China. On the other hand, KHL wants to establish itself at asian tv market. I just say about chinese version of khl website. If KHL believes there is a potential in China, it will launch chinese version of league´s website. Chinese dont know what hockey is, so you (KHL) must explain it to them. You dont have to do it with Europeans (dont count Cyprus ect). How many chinese live in Russia (Siberia, Far East)? What about next decade or two?

I dont say there will be chinese KHL team. I only claim China is interesting country. I dont know why NHL does not invest into China (like NBA did). I have a feeling NHL does not care about hockey outside NA. KHL has a partnership with Infront Sports & Media which has many experiance with sport (basket) bussiness in China/Asia. So I am sure they will make a correct research at asian market. Just an idea, you dont have to broadcast/have khl website in chinese.. you can do it in english (if native chinese population not intersted in hockey) - many Europeans/Americans live/work in China/Asia and the amount will increase in future. The main goal is to tell them - look, there is KHL.

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