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Originally Posted by this providence View Post
This is easy; SUBJECTIVE.

He's certainly well behind all three. If Scandella did happen to show anything, anything at all, this year, Prosser and Falk are waiver wire fodder. Not to mention Scandella sees the ice once Spurgeon (who's well ahead of Scandella) goes down if this organization has any sort of trust in him after losing a bigger part of their defensive corps.

Yet, he didn't and it's a pretty damning indictment on where Scandella's game is currently at. Especially when you look at the shape of this defense save Suter, Brodin, and Gilbert. If Scandella were to have shown anything worthwhile in his game, he's with this team. Contract status' and all; you make room for guys who you feel are markedly better players. This coaching staff obviously doesn't feel Scandella's there. And again, we're talking about players like Stoner, Falk, and Prosser.
Yeah, that's not what is going on at all.

Scandella because of his injury was not up to NHL speed. However, he did play 6 games until Spurgeon got close to being healthy. At that point, Fletcher had to make a decision. Suter and Gilbert obviously weren't going anywhere. Brodin had played himself on to the team. Spurgeon is Yeo's favorite. So, there was Stoner, Falk, Prosser, and Scandella fighting for three spots.

As Russo said over and over again, Scandella was the only one of those 4 who had a two-way contract. Stoner's salary is over $1 million. Falk and Prosser's salaries are $825,000. That means Scandella to Houston saves the Wild around several hundreds of thousands of dollars. That's not chump change. Sure, Stoner, Falk, or Prosser could get picked up on waivers, but the likely outside guy, Prosser, probably wouldn't. Factor in that Kassian is already costing the Wild lost of money and that Scandella still needs to get up to speed anyways, and it was a easy decision for Fletcher to make. After that point, it made sense for Yeo to scratch Scandella in favor of others since Scandella was already going down.

And it was a decision that had nothing to do with Scandella's long-term worth to the Wild. Even if he plays the reason of the season in Houston (which he won't), he'll still come into camp next year ahead of Stoner, Falk, and Prosser, if they all are still here.

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