Thread: Speculation: 2013 NHL Entry Draft
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02-18-2013, 04:12 PM
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Yes, i do follow European prospects, however as i've said, there is little seperation between the Top Forwards in this draft, European or not.

Barkov's stats are exceptional. Jokinen is the only statistical comparison historically, and Jokinen was nearly a year older in his draft year. I've given my analysis on Barkov in this thread already, so it seems redundant regurgitating that information. It is there to read if you wish. I don't think Barkov will neccessairly will have the highest peak from this draft, but i think you're getting a PPG physically imposing center who commands the game in all three zones.

As for the Europeans playing at the men's level versus North Americans playing Junior, it's somewhat irrelevant. Simply because a player competes against men at 18, doesn't mean he projects to better than the Junior in North America. Vice Versa. The NHL draft isn't about today or tomorrow. Of course when we see production that is historically elite relative to that nation at 17/18, it's definitely noteworthy. Barkov has the best draft eligible season in Finnish history. Lindholm likewise in Sweden is very noteworthy. Of course you need to look beyond the stats, but these numbers are noteworthy.

To repeat, i would be content with any of the Top 6 (Jones included). I have my slight favourites, of course.

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