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02-18-2013, 05:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Imagine17 View Post
because thats what I meant...

We wouldn't need to come back in games if we could hold these 2 goal leads that we've been giving up.
We've got a long history with this staff of being a very good to great defensive team and not giving up leads. You're taking an anomaly and using it to grind your axe.

Originally Posted by arsmaster View Post
Regular ones, or advanced ones?

I could care less, when it seems he handles the puck like a grenade at times, when his passes are inaccurate, when it seems every play he makes is rushed, I wouldn't say he's as good or better.

Last season was a tail of two seasons for most of the team, it's why Edler was on a 60 point pace in the first half and a 30 point pace in the 2nd half.
Both advanced and regular stats. I agree, last year was a tale of two halves. Why would we compare Edler to the guy we saw at the beginning of last season rather than the one we saw most recently? Clearly Edler was suffering from the same things at the end of last season on the left side as he is now.

Players struggle. Bieksa isn't playing great either and he's on the same side. When the errors and play are so similar to what we've most recently seen from Edler I don't think it makes sense to blame it on him being on the offside.

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