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02-18-2013, 05:27 PM
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Lol live report from elimination chamber

Jack Swagger didn't really get much heat but Zeb Colter had that place booing in a way that would make Vickie Guerrero jealous. I'm interested to see how well this gimmick works once they get back west a little bit where there are more people this may actually offend (more on this later). Decent pops for everybody but Randy Orton got a huge pop. Mark Henry got a really good pop as well from start to finish and it makes me wonder if they could push him just as a monster...but not a heel. The match was what it was and the best part was the end since the crowd was so hot for Orton then instantly silence fell when Swagger rolled him up.

This where it got interesting because in front of me was a guy who I saw agreeing with Colter during his promo. When Swagger won, he got out of his seat and cheered only to reveal his nice confederate flag shirt. Which is fine...unless you're in New Orleans cheering a xenophobic character surrounded by a lot of people who want to kick your ass now. So WWE needs to tread carefully with this gimmick simply because there are grown adults out there who take the characters as if they're real.

Eventually they're going to hit some country city for Raw and Zeb is getting cheered or they're going to go to Laredo and some fan(s) are going to jump the rail and kick his ass. Kudos for pushing the envelope a little, but they need to be prepared for the crazies who don't understand the concept of characters.

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