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Originally Posted by Scurr View Post
Who says it's irrelevant? When someone isn't scoring is it irrelevant that they have a great shot? Bieksa's physical play is an asset to the team when he's playing well defensively in the same way Kesler's shot is an asset when he's playing well offensively.

Agree to disagree.
He's not saying it's irrelevant -- he's saying that there are two objectives: to score, and to stop the other team from scoring.

He's not disagreeing that being physical is positive, just that it isn't the main purpose of the game (i.e. we should only be interested in being physical to the extent that it helps us with the two main objectives). So we should separate physicality from those two, and put it with other skills that help us win a game (i.e. passing, shooting, etc.)

That's not to say being physical doesn't indirectly change the game even when you aren't directly preventing or scoring goals due to physicality (i.e. teams are less likely to enter high-scoring areas against a physical team, or are more likely to make errors when facing a team that employs a strong forecheck).

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