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02-18-2013, 06:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Bobcat110 View Post
Yes. The "odds" are the same as any other year. However, any team who won the lottery in previous years could only leap frog a maximum of 4 teams. So, the only teams in previous years who had a chance at #1 overall pick were the teams who finished bottom 5 in the league.

This year, all teams who fail to make the playoffs have a chance to jump to the #1 pick. Although highly unlikely, the team who finishes 17th in the league and doesn't make the playoffs has a 0.50% chance of winning lottery and jumping all the way up to #1 overall, then everyone else moves down 1 spot.
I understand that, but no one has said if the lottery is just for the first pick or for all lottery picks. That is what I am asking. I haven't read where someone specifically states it is one way or the other.

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