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02-18-2013, 07:14 PM
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Originally Posted by NY Lito View Post
Not necessarily. If we trade for ROR and he signs a reasonable contract I don't see it being an issue. You said it yourself, he might be demanding a crazy contract as a way of getting out of Colorado. If he comes here and follows the precedent set by signing a reasonable bridge deal, I would have no problems with acquiring him.
And say the price doesn't include a core guy, then yes, I like the player, and I think he'd fit in well here, but only to add to the core. No team builds a core and breaks it down without a few runs at the cup, and ROR isn't the need Nash was, or even the player, but anyone would want this guy under the right conditions.

No one is arguing the on ice product that is ROR, its everything surrounding it, and this is what this discussion is really about. This is both a credit to the player ROR is, and the mess that COL finds themselves in.

I'm with the guy that says we need a 6th defenseman as a bigger need. Take a look at how the minutes are doled out in the third period with or without a lead. Lets count how many shifts the no 6 defenseman plays, and versus whom during crunch time.

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