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Originally Posted by Schwang View Post
God this team is terrible with picking up rebounds in front! We need a good garbage man!
Some lunch-pail-and-bucket blue collar work ethic? If you're wondering how it is to live a day in the shoes of those guys, Dave Stubbs recently had a multi-part piece on Bryan Smolinski's new smoked meat sandwich trolley and I've gotta say... it's eye opening. He delves into how he manged to get the lease signed before the deposit expired and the thrills of retirement and going to his kids' track meets and catering the dance (much to his sons' embarrassment! Just kidding, Stubbs makes sure to mention they love their dad) and also the darker side of owning a trolley - the constant fear of bad or inclement weather, the drifters who apply far too much ketchup and mustard which in turn affects Bryan's overhead, the littering laws which place a lot of blame upon the shop owner...

Riveting stuff.

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