Thread: Pre-Game Talk: Kings @ Oilers Feb 19 2013
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02-18-2013, 06:59 PM
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Ralph can wait until something ruptures but he will be forced to follow the NHS handbook of intuative analysis and put MPS-Gagner-Yakupov together and at the same time reunite the vets on the 3rd line by dropping Hemmer in there, Krueger doesnt have enough understanding of Hemskys skillset to know he will provide the team the same level of goal scoring from the 3rd line. Fear of DOOM.

This game should be a massive correction even if we open up like last game as I hope we do for demonstration purposes postgame , maybe 2-1, low scoring close game won on an individual effort not catalysed by either teams system. This is two adjusted hybrids facing off one-on-one.This game will be what is know in the NHS as a System Check-mate, it will be a game with lots of possesion changes and chances and shots but few goals , and there will be no great goal differential no matter how much both sides open up their offense, this is a coaches nightmare. Could be 2-1 or could be 6-5 IF both coaches open up the offense but if one chooses to play it safer then it will be very close and neither system will be able to get a definitive advantage offensivly and it will be a shorthanded goal{hint hint} or a breakaway or a takeaway that decides the game, an "outside the system" type of goal. This game will look exactly like last years playoff games. Stoll will have a big game, and LA will score off a sympathetic rebound from a low post shot at least once. schultz should like this type of game and will likely score and Hemmer also likes to wear the red cape. Look for super-man type goals that catalyse spontaneously out of broken plays.

Go Oilers!

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