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02-18-2013, 07:16 PM
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What makes you think players like Perry are going to leave their teams to be here? You'll be better pressed to get someone from teams that continue to struggle.

Plus what do we have for cap room next year and when are the RFA's going to due for the pay raises? Last thing we want is the headache Chicago had after they won the cup and had to ditch a lot of the depth on the team just to keep Toews, Kane, Keith signed long term along with Sharp, Hossa, and Seabrook.

Not to mention do we want another high priced contract when we are going to have 3 kids that deserve to be on top lines along with many of the other players we have? Zucker on the top. Coyle and Seto on the 2nd. Larrson and Clutterbuck with Brodziak on the 3rd. and Fourth Konopka, Rupp, and *insertscrubhere*

We need another Top 4 dman that actually play the position. If we are going to be serious about winning, we need to keep the opposition from scoring 3+ goals a night because we can't make a breakout pass to save our lives if it isn't Suter/Brodin/Gilbert making that pass from good defensive struggles along the boards or a blocked shot in front. Then again, I'm in the minority here that doesn't think needing to play like Chicago does and requiring 3+ goals a night to hold onto a win is really needed.

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