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02-18-2013, 07:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
There's no reward punishment factor IMO...if he's not a good fit in the top six, that's fine, but don't stick him on the fourth line like we did with James Sheppard and Benoit Pouliot.
Are you really comparing Granlund's situation with Pouliot and Sheppard? I like you Jarick, but this is a little off base.

Pouliot's biggest issue was he had the tools but no toolbox. Playing in the top 6 helped diminish these deficiencies due to the players playing around him. But the kid had no drive, no intelligence at all. That's why he failed.

Sheppard's biggest problem wasn't really his problem. It was the organization. Sheppard should have never been on the team. His skating was an issue and he had a lot of development to make. It would be like throwing Phillips on the team now. Plus as much as we revere Lemaire, he was kind of a dick to a lot of players and if you ended up in his doghouse, it wasn't pretty, which Sheppard ended up in. Could Sheppard have done better? Definitely but he was a kid and still learning the ropes. Plus we jerked him around.

Granlund isn't like Pouliot or Sheppard. He definitely deserves to be in the NHL. And he definitely has the intelligence and skill to play. He just need to continue moving his feet and bulking up a bit. He needs to learn to be quicker (not necessarily skating but avoiding hits and keep his feet moving). Throwing him on the 4th line is a way to help his development, not hinder it. We need Granlund to get used to NA and to the NHL. We don't need to have him burdened by the fact he isn't producing any offense or generating goals. We just need him to get better at the small things in the NHL before we ask him to get better at the big things.

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