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Originally Posted by MountainHawk View Post
Schenn will be gone in 3 years along with most of the rest of this team as long as we keep the idiot as GM.

And it is foolish to say JvR wouldn't have done it here. Power forwards TAKE TIME to grow into their game. JvR has put up virtually identical numbers to LeClair early his career. He would have grown into it, and scored 400 goals for the Flyers in the next 12 seasons, but he wasn't a 'Flyers type of player' so Clarke and Holmgren got rid of him.
JVR isn't even close to LeClair. Two different players with different skillsets. JVR will never have the shot and physically dominating strength Johnny had. Guys bounced off LeClair when they hit him. JVR will be the better skater while having more natural skill. JVR at this point of his career is still a perimeter player while he does go in front of the net on the PP. He's not even close to being the player LeClair is down low.

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