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Originally Posted by Malkin4Top6Wingerz View Post
Jiggy, you've had a pro Tangradi agenda ever since we acquired him to be the top 6 solution the organization had been looking for.
I've had a pro Vitale agenda.

I've had a pro Johnson agenda.

I've had a pro Letestu agenda.

I've had a pro Strait agenda.

I've had a pro Bortuzzo agenda.

I've had a pro Despres agenda.

I've had a pro Morrow agenda.

It's called seeing a prospect and believing in him. I don't flip flop and give up on guys until I see them fail.

If people weren't so obsessed over Tangradi, I wouldn't have had to spend so much time defending him and explaining how normal prospects develop.

I know it makes you a total Internet bad ass to turn on a prospect and say he sucks because he didn't live up to your expectations, but I don't roll like that.

He's had a couple decent games on a new team playing on pure adrenaline. So did Boychuk. We'll see if he can sustain that level of play and not go into a disappearing act for the rest of his time with the Jets.
He's not a Pen anymore and according to you he sucks, so why would it matter what he does?

As I've said countless times, and contrary to your opinion that everybody believes he needs to come up and dominate the league to not be a bust, all we wanted from Tangradi was to make a few plays or win a battle or two.
It's funny since Tangradi didn't develop fast enough for people that now he never hit anyone, made any plays and was such a liability on the ice, but now BB is up and flubs passes and shots, but people see his potential to be "the solution" dun dun dun.

It's the same pattern repeating itself and I'm 100% sure I'll probably be living Groundhogs day with BB if he doesn't catch on quickly enough.

Both BB and Tangradi are currently getting proper ice time and doing what they should be doing: keeping it simple, playing well in their own zone and not doing anything stupid. People expecting more need a reality check.

Perhaps not running into his own teammates on more than one occasion. Any of these things would have sufficed. It is apparently inconcievable to you that the reason Tangradi didn't get more of an opportunity was because his play was poor, as opposed to DB having some vendetta against rookies. I don't know if it's because you actually deluded yourself into thinking Tangradi played well enough for DB to pencil him into the top 9 every night or if you think that the team should just hand him a spot in the lineup even if he plays like garbage and doesn't show any promise.
I said over and over he played well enough to earn fourth line minutes. Since you have been following my pro Tangradi agenda you should know that, but moving the goal posts makes your argument look better, right?

You are the one who keeps bringing up top 6-9 minutes when I have said for over a year now he needed consistent FOURTH line minutes to adjust to the speed of the game and gain some confidence.

He surely earned those minutes, despite whatever ******** you want to throw out. Go back and read through the threads last year and you'll find even the most ardent Tangradi haters admitting it was weird he wasn't getting regular fourth line minutes with the way he played (the few times he was given a chance).

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