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02-18-2013, 07:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Jag68Sid87 View Post
If we give him a raise, we'd be making a mistake. At 34, do we really expect him to get better from hereon in?

I don't like paying UFA dollars for past performance, and that's pretty much what we'd be doing if we gave Dupuis a raise (and in his case, past performance would be last season and this season).

We need to be VERY careful here. The last thing I want management to be thinking is that Pascal Dupuis is the scoring winger we've been looking for all along. That would be really terrible thinking.
Here is your answer.

He doesn't need to get any better. He can play at any position, role on this team. Is that not worth 2.5 to this team if he's even reduced to 3rd line duty? It has absolutely nothing to do about putting a better winger beside, Sid. That winger to be better than Dupuis, right now... would cost a lot more than what we're talking about. The Stewart's, Kulemin's. Neither of these players are better than Dupuis and are maybe equal to him, but are we not trying to better the position and not making lateral moves, right? Meaning, if we get one of those guys it's to put him with, Geno?

Common, that would still be a bargain for what he does. He could easily ask for more elsewhere, but if he wants to stay here that would have to be 2.5 give or take. He would be worth every penny. Doesn't need to move, learn a new system, mesh with the new team, ect... Things are pretty comfortable here for him, he just needs paid his worth.

I'll certainly be fine if he's with Cooke, Sutter, or if he's up with, Sid, Kunitz. You can't complain about 2.5 for his services if that's what it would take. I'd lose Cooke and Kennedy before I'd let Dupuis go.

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