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02-18-2013, 07:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Blue Blooded View Post
Indeed, I've been saying this about him since January 2012.

I'm actually contemplating whether splitting up him and Nash would do us good despite their chemistry.

Nash has also been able to bring life to whatever line he plays on, and it may be counterproductive to play them on the same line. Put Hags back with Richie and Gabby and try Callahan with Stepan and Nash.

Callahan usually doesn't work with Stepan, so moving Kreider or Miller to that line could be necessary if it doesn't work.

BTW, Callahan is quietly putting together a terrible season by his standards. While he had a great shift at the end of the game he has been consistently invisible all year, and his lack of scoring cannot be explained by abnormally low percentages. He needs to take a look at himself and remember how he used to play to be successful, because this is getting alarming.

An example: Callahan (28.7/60) and Gaborik (28.4/60) are similarly bad at generating offence at ES, out of the forwards getting 10+ mins a night at ES only Boyle (24.5/60) is worse. They are getting similar on ice shooting percentages (Cally: 8.45, Gabby: 8.93). Yet Gaborik is scoring at 2.23P/60 while Cally is only getting 0.88P/60.

And this can't be explained away by individual shooting % either. Gabby sits right around his career avg with 13.7 while Cally is right around his at 10.0.

EDIT: I forgot to account for quality of competition and teammates. Cally has been getting slightly difficult minutes with pretty terrible linemates. Gabby has been playing extremely soft minutes. However, Nash and especially Hagelin has been playing even harder minutes than Callahan and are blowing him out of the water. Stepan, playing the hardest minutes of all has been better as well.
Callahan hasn't found a line to play on. Stepan was awful with him, and now that he's with Richards, well Richards has been a little ******.

I'm really not worried about Cally. The pucks aren't going in right now, and the fact that his linemates aren't scoring (Gabby whiffed on the most empty net of all time) are killing his point totals.

In the next week or two, he'll find a Hagelin-like streak, or maybe remember some of the chemistry he had with Richie.

In the mean time, he's still forechecking, getting chances, all the things that make him Cally. Top of that, I don't think we've surrendered a goal on the penalty kill since he got back.

Like I said, not worried.

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