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Originally Posted by PocketNines View Post
Halak has a LOT to prove IMO. He's been very meh this year, has never been a full time #1 and has injury issues that manage to come at the worst times. I also wonder if there's any distance between him and the team. The recent stunt he pulled obviously pissed the players off, hence Oshie's quickly-walked-back frustration comments. It's an open question. He has an opportunity to lock down a #1 role just this moment but if he comes back and remains mediocre (which could EASILY happen) then the Blues' net hierarchy will remain unclear.
I agree with this and also the second post you made. I have been lukewarm to Halak over the course of his STL career. I almost feel like he's still not over MTL dumping him in favor of Price, like a girlfriend who just becomes a trainwreck after her guy drops her for the younger, hotter version.

I also think people are very quick to pile on Elliott. He played absolutely lights out for us last year, especially when we needed him most, almost exactly in the same way Allen has for us this year. (I don't think Allen has been as lights out, but he's made the timely saves at a time where we DESPERATELY needed them) Elliott started out this year really well (Relief effort in Nashville, game in Chicago that could have been 5-0 in the first 10 minutes with all the odd man rushes) but he just didn't make the kind of timely save we saw from him last year during that horrific homestand (Where I would say 95% of our team played like garbage) Elliott has obviously struggled at times here (Last year in the playoffs, during the last homestand) but for a guy we signed off the scrap heap, and then signed to a -very- reasonable extension, it's hard to be upset with his overall body of work.

Now for the other side of the coin. Halak has all the tools to become a true #1 goaltender. Yet it never seems to happen. The year we acquired him he couldn't catch a puck to save his life, then ended up breaking his hand. Last year he started horribad, then the shutout at MTL and Hitchcock (not to mention Elliott playing really well) seemed to right his ship......yet he still only played in 46 games last year and got hurt in the playoffs. Then this year he's played very meh again, the 2 shutouts look nice on the stat sheet, but Detroit and Nashville were both completely shut down by our team....I think he had to make maybe one tough save in the two games combined. He's already been pulled twice (once was the injury, but he didn't look that great in that game either) and there's no way the time off has helped him hone his already rusty game.

Fact is, his two best years in the NHL statistically came when he played in the mid 40s for games, and his team had a strong second option pushing him (Price in MTL, Elliott here). Other then ONE magical playoff run, his resume is -very- thin on results for THE guy we're expecting to lead us to the Stanley Cup. I'm also on board with P9's conspiracy theory about the relationship Halak has with the team. I have always felt that the team has never really embraced him either. I don't think they dislike him, but I feel like they don't love him either. I have absolutely no proof of this, it's just a feeling I get.

Allen will go back to the AHL unless we decide to carry three goalies. There is no way we risk losing Elliott to waivers. Allen will be better for the time he spent here, and this offseason we have some interesting decisions to make regarding that position. I don't think you can expect much from a trade perspective for a goalie, but a couple of guys have landed for 1st round picks, so you never know.

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