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Originally Posted by ottergolfer View Post
a great story but I think this is the most telling line in it .....

Afterward, Otters players filed out of the locker room every few minutes, one by one, down a pale hallway, past David Mazzone, who had been the Otters’ security chief for 17 years.

A few of the boys looked smug.

“They don’t take it hard enough,” Mazzone said, his arms folded.

the real reason this team has the record it does.......
That was interesting for sure. The thing that hit me the most was this:

"After games when he was much younger, McDavid was a mess, his mother said. He would cry and shake, anxious under his own pressure, feeling so indebted to produce for his teammates, his buddies."

For me that's a young boy right there already showing how unique he is, how special his love is for the game. That he was born with competitive spirit. A passion for the game that is so deep, that few can understand. His parents did an incredible job.

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