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Originally Posted by Rockmorton View Post
Here is how the Flames can change the makeup of the team without doing a "scorched earth" rebuild. It only involves a few ballsy steps, and even if it doesnt succeed, they would be no worse off than they are now. It must be accepted at the start to stay somewhat competitive, but probably burn the rest of this year and next. If you need to have a "lost" season, this would be ideal. I think thats all that would be needed, but management must be willing to take a step back. Here goes:

Trade Iginla Kiprussoff and Bouwmeester in separate deals. Start the discussions now to get the bidding started. All three of these guys are what I consider "over the top" players. They aren't going to be the future of the team, but in a short playoff run, they could be the last piece a team needs. With the bidding war that would ensue,
I think the minimum we could expect would be:
Iginla - decent player, "A" level prospect (not blue chip), and a 1st.
Kipper - "A" level prospect and a 1st
Bouw - decent player, "A" level prospect and a 1st

That gives us 2 roster players, 3 good prospects, and an additional 3 1sts.

Second, you make two lists: keepers and available.

Keep - Brodie, Baertchi, Giordano, Cammalleri, Glencross, Hudler, Cervenka, Backlund, Wideman, Taylor, Ramo, Brossoit, Horak, Gaudreau, Reinhart and the 5 players acquired in the trades

You make a second list of essentially everyone else under contract in the organization. You take that and approach the Avalanche about O'Reilly (if he's still available by this point, of course). Tell them to pick any three players on the list OR any two and a draft pick. At the very least, that should get a conversation going. No one is "untouchable", but any inclusion of the players on the Keep list changes the nature of the negotiation.

On draft day, we can either go on a 1st round shopping spree, or trade them for needs of the organization, but not until we know we're not trading away Jones/Mackinnon for example.

Ice the best team you can put on the ice for the rest of this year. Put the C on Giordano, give an A to Cammalleri and Glencross. Give the team a whole 82 game schedule to gel, tinker when neccessary and I think you've constructed a rebuild that will keep you somewhat competitive, while restocking the cupboards. essentially, you hope to get trade talks started by telling the Avs to select from:

Alex Tanguay
Matt Stajan
Lee Stempniak
Blake Comeau
Blair Jones
Tim Jackman
Steve Begin
Paul Byron
Anton Babchuk
Cory Sarich
Chris Butler
Derek Smith

You could offer the Avs 5 of those players and they'd say no. The Avs are not going to ask the moon for O'Reilly, but a roster player and a top prospect is what they will wait for, and drag this out until the summer if they have to wait that long, they won't budge on O'Reilly. There are a lot of teams in this league who could come up with much, MUCH better offers for O'Reilly than the "remaining players under contract"; you're essentially saying for scraps, the Flames can get negotiations started with the Avs. The only player I'd consider trading for is Tanguay, but the Avs are rebuilding, not in search of veteran top 6 forwards although Tanguay is a good one

Lastly, there is not a chance the Avs would even consider trading O'Reilly to a divisional rival like Calgary unless Baertschi is included

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