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02-18-2013, 08:15 PM
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Originally Posted by the8bandarmadillo View Post
Granlund isn't like Pouliot or Sheppard. He definitely deserves to be in the NHL. And he definitely has the intelligence and skill to play. He just need to continue moving his feet and bulking up a bit. He needs to learn to be quicker (not necessarily skating but avoiding hits and keep his feet moving). Throwing him on the 4th line is a way to help his development, not hinder it. We need Granlund to get used to NA and to the NHL. We don't need to have him burdened by the fact he isn't producing any offense or generating goals. We just need him to get better at the small things in the NHL before we ask him to get better at the big things.
Originally Posted by Blizzard6411 View Post
The idea that Grandlund can't develop and learn while wearing a Wild uni has already been proven to be crap.

He has improved since game 1 and will continue to.

Hey Mikael we want you to skate on the 4th line today and Mikael says "ok"
Hey Mikael today you will play wing and Mikael says "ok"
Hey Mikael today we want you to just watch the game and Mikael says "ok"
Hey Mikael we want you back on the 2nd line at center and Mikael says "ok"
Hey Mikael you get to be a wing again and Mikael says "ok"
Hey Mikael we want you back on the 4th line as a center and Mikael says "ok"

All the while that is going on what has Mikael done? Improve, contribute and work on his game.

Enough with the Granlund needs to play in Houston nonsense already.
You two have made my venture to HF worthwhile. Thank you.

Almost half the people here want him sent back to Houston, almost half want him on the top line/***** and moan about him being on the 4th line. Barely anyone is taking the time to understand that this KID, who can't even go to the bars here, is trying to adjust his game to a much bigger/faster/stronger/take no prisoners style of play. Find the middle ground and stop swinging back and forth between "OMG SEND HIM TO HOUSTON" and "OMG FIRE YEO CAUSE HE'S NOT ON THE FIRST LINE"

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