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02-18-2013, 08:28 PM
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Originally Posted by azaloum90 View Post
I really can see Hartford in about 5 years becoming another strong NHL market...

I don't know why, or how, but I really do. The NHL seems to be realizing that killing previous solid markets was a bad idea. They jumped the gun on southern expansion, too much too early. Now they are paying the price. I feel like they not only forgive the citizens when returning teams to their original state, but also reclaim previous lost ground and profits... win win, imo...

Why go for seattle when hartford was a market that actually worked?

Just my two cents
Exactly it was a good market to begin with and if they came back people would go bonkers. I don't know if you can say the same for Seattle considering the NHL would be behind the 4 other leagues in terms of popularity and the NHL would start behind the 8ball. Hartford's a northern, relatively large tv market, has $$ and corporations, has a popular team brand/identity with the Whalers and also has a track record of support for a team that won ONE playoff series, ONE division title and finished with a winning record only 3/18 years of their existence.

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