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02-18-2013, 08:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Mr Jiggyfly View Post
I know it makes you a total Internet bad ass to turn on a prospect and say he sucks because he didn't live up to your expectations, but I don't roll like that.
Yes, my intention was quite clearly to show how badass I am for saying that Tangradi sucked as a Penguin. You nailed it Jiggy, once again. Never mind that I was never high on Tangradi to begin with, and had been skeptical that he'd ever amount to anything since last year.
He's not a Pen anymore and according to you he sucks, so why would it matter what he does?
For a number of reasons, really. Mostly because I'd like to see if your unwavering faith in him was in good or bad judgment.
It's funny since Tangradi didn't develop fast enough for people that now he never hit anyone, made any plays and was such a liability on the ice, but now BB is up and flubs passes and shots, but people see his potential to be "the solution" dun dun dun.
BB showed flashes in his first game with a couple of nice setups. He also showed good positioning and an ability to work along the boards that some of us thought he'd struggle with. It was refreshing to see. Sure, some people are going to reach a little bit with their opinions on his play because they want him to be the top 6 solution for the future, but that was the case with Tangradi as well and most were able to deduce that he wasn't actually anything special.

I said over and over he played well enough to earn fourth line minutes. Since you have been following my pro Tangradi agenda you should know that, but moving the goal posts makes your argument look better, right?
It's hard to keep up with the excuses you've made for why Tangradi didn't succeed here. You said earlier something along the lines of "see what he can do with real NHL minutes", referencing him looking good on Winnipeg's third line.

Thing is, if he were given regular 4th line minutes and continued to look out of place we'd just hear about how he needs an extended look on the first three lines because, after all, who could look good playing alongside Craig Adams? I guarantee that's what we'd hear.

You are the one who keeps bringing up top 6-9 minutes when I have said for over a year now he needed consistent FOURTH line minutes to adjust to the speed of the game and gain some confidence.
45 games in Jig and we're still using the 'he needs to adjust to the speed of the game!' argument?

He surely earned those minutes, despite whatever ******** you want to throw out. Go back and read through the threads last year and you'll find even the most ardent Tangradi haters admitting it was weird he wasn't getting regular fourth line minutes with the way he played (the few times he was given a chance).
I love when you reference things people allegedly believed and then challenge me to prove otherwise. Remember when you talked about how Schenn was thought of a bust when he was struggling early on in Philly and I found all of the threads on the Flyers forum which painted a completely different picture?

Tangradi did nothing whatsoever to earn a fourth line spot over a guy like Jeffrey or Vitale. People just don't like Craig Adams and can't get over the idea that Tangradi isn't an NHLer and figure what the heck, why not put him on the 4th line? Spare me the notion that Tangradi did anything to earn that spot. If his name wasn't Tangradi and he was a former 7th round pick he'd have already been waived long ago and never thought about again.

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