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Originally Posted by Ugene Malkin View Post
Do you know this to be a fact? Have they played for this team that I'm not aware of?

One of those three are proven here, on the actual Penguins team. Until they are here and on this team given the chance to prove that right now, they're not.

If Stewart was better, he'd be playing in the top six over a rookie. His dedication is very suspect. Kulemin's is not, but he can't be consistent enough on the score sheet. Dupuis would probably be a good third wheel for, Malkin, too. That is his natural position.

Right now, in this moment, you'd be hard pressed to prove to me they're clear cut better than him. I'm not even talking age, for this team right now.

You can't be sure because, there's nothing to base it off of. It's all a gamble. All I'm saying is it's not a slam dunk, it's over, or that they couldn't. That would come with time here on the team. A slam dunk to me is Iginla, or someone who's not fighting for the top positions.
they might not score more points, but they'd help us win more hockey games. They bring the exact attributes our top 6 is missing.

I wouldn't bring in Kulemin to replace Dupuis on Sid's line. But he'd be a better fit on Geno's line than Dupuis would be. Kulemin does everything we need in a 3rd wheel for Geno and Neal. He is hard to play against, plays great defense and could do the work in the corners freeing them to do what they do to score just like Kunitz did. That way Geno and Neal don't have to do as much of that work. Would his production be higher (even as high) as Dupuis? Probably not. But he'd help us win more playoff series.

Stewart also brings the size that would really make us harder to play against in the playoffs. He's a guy that can punish the other team which is huge over a 7 game series. He's a good right shot which would help the powerplay. He can use his size and strength to maintain possession of the puck. He's simply more talented offensively. Would his production be much higher than Dupuis' was last year? Maybe not. But he'd help us win more playoff series.

My ideal pickup would be someone like Iginla. He is just plain better than all of these guys at hockey and it isn't even close.

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