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Originally Posted by HankyZetts View Post
We clearly watch hockey differently so I won't even bother with the rest of your post as this is getting nowhere, but on this, I never did provide that list because of fans like you who will freak out when someone tells you that PK Subban isn't the best.

There are a bunch of guys 25 and under that I think are better than Subban atm, and there are others that I think are clearly more valuable longterm than he is. Hamilton and the #1 pick in next years draft being 2 of them.
I never said PK was the best. In fact, I even agreed with some of the names you listed.
I won't freak out about anything, never have, never will. PK is a great young player, and yes, he is part of the best young Dman of this league. He still has some learning to do, but that shouldn't take anything away.

Here's the list you provided:

Originally Posted by HankyZetts View Post
I'm just saying that he is not on the level of the top group of young defencemen. ie Doughty, OEL, Karlsson, Brodin, Hedman, Hamilton, Pietro etc.

In my opinion? There are a bunch that I'd trade PK for, I'd rather not get into a deep list as it'll just be an argument, considering I'd take guys like Mcdonagh over PK, and I'm sure that won't sit well here.
Karlsson, Doughty, Pietro, I agree. Hamilton, Brodin and Jones shouldn't even be mentioned. Two of them have played 12 games, the other isn't even drafted. It's insulting to PK. Will they become better than PK? Perhaps. Except you already mentioned not knowing where PK will cap off. Considering he's already effectively played as a #1 Dman versus top opponents, and I stress the word effectively, than the sky is the limit. Also, I made a comparable to Chara-Weber, Niedermayer-Lidstrom, at some point it isn't about who's better, it's simply who you prefer because of their style.

I don't think OEL or McDo are better either. IMO, all three of those guys are on the same level.

Hedman is solid defensively, like PK, but he doesn't have the same offensive abilities.

It's as if you think PK is MDZ. Your evaluation is completely off if we look at all the things you've been saying.

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