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02-18-2013, 09:40 PM
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Not a lot to say about today's game. Saginaw made it quite clear that they are deserving of the final playoff spot and Windsor made it quite clear that they are not. DeKort did play well and deserved a better fate. Hopefully he starts the majority of the remainder of the season as there's not much left to play for this year.

Is it true that missing the playoffs this year officially voids our chances of hosting the Memorial Cup next year? If so, it is a blessing in disguise as we need to start rebuilding as soon as this season ends.

I liken the priority selection to a game of craps. Some nights at the table, every single point is hitting and you just can't lose. Next thing you know, you've hit the 6 point fire bet (which pays out at 1000:1 for you non-craps players). This is what it is like when you draft Nemisz, Henrique, etc. Other nights at the table, every shooter 7's out right after establishing point and it seems like you can't win. In those situations, you need to just realize it just isn't your night and walk away rather than keep visiting the ATM, taking more money out and falling further and further behind. I think this is Rychel's biggest mistake.

Rather then 'walking away' and rebuilding when the dice aren't going his way, he keeps 'visiting the ATM' and trading away draft picks and falling further behind. When it comes to the priority selection, you win some and you lose some. Its a crapshoot.

I think that Ho Sang and Sanvido should be the corner stones you build around, but the question is, who do we keep around as leaders during the rebuild? Obviously Kerby isn't going anywhere, but what other 94's do you keep around? This offseason should be interesting.

By the way, if any of you guys see a man and a women wearing Spits gear playing Craps or Blackjack at Caesars Windsor, it's probably my wife and I, so stop by and say hi. We're usually there a few times a week.

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