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02-18-2013, 11:10 PM
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Originally Posted by rockinghorse View Post
I watched an episode of On the Edge The road to the Memorial Cup tonight.

Please tell me I've got it all wrong.

I was shocked and appalled that players were being singled out like that.

Assistant David Struch was calling out players in the change room after a less than satisfactory game result. He sounded pretty harsh. Frankly sounded like a jerk calling out kids in front of the cameras. Who does he think he is?

There are 3 20 year olds allowed on a team but the rest would be 16-19 year olds.

Maybe I'm more sensitive than most but I would almost consider this child abuse. Is this really what goes on behind the scenes in Canadian Junior Hockey?
Child abuse. Really?

I'm not sure what league you are used to but sometimes tough love is part of a dressing room with elite athletes and hardly unique to junior hockey. Struch - a well respected team first player during his junior career - resorted to call out McColgan who was shown to repeatedly place himself above the team with selfish, undisciplined play. Not the first time for McColgan who can be shall we say 'mercurial'

Hate to burst your romantic notions but sometime harsh words and firm actions do happen in a sports locker room. The CHL is not for every kid but it is still the best development league in the world and this series gives an unvarnished look at molding a team, instiling team first attitude, discipline, to compete for the Memorial Cup but also the tool to follow the dream of playing pro hockey. Beyond skill and natural ability, strong character and resiliance are important.

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