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02-18-2013, 10:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Kamus View Post
Beleive me, I never want to lose. Im the guy who makes sure I finish pissing ahead of the guy next to me in the washroom, just to say im the best ****** out there. Im just a realist. This management is not intelligent enough to build a winner. So asking management to get their head out of their ***, is like asking a baby to build a nuclear reactor, its impossible. It seems like things in Edmonton have to be really bad for anything to happen.Just like how long deciding to actually rebuild took.

With Tamb/Lowe, we might be a playoff team in the future, but thats on the shear talent of the kids, and hopefully Krueger. But thats not good enough for me, I want us to win championships. With Lowbellini, that like asking that baby.If we stay with those two, after finishing 5-8 for four years and losing in the first round, it might be to late for a change in the managment with our kids being older.

I want this team to get better, but my fear is that it might be detrimental to us winning a championship.

Just my thoughts....from a guy who got cut from the team due to politics.....Damn coaches son who made the team, still remember that guy
As a side note, if you finish first you have a smaller bladder. That means you lose.

Sorry to break it to you man.

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