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02-18-2013, 10:33 PM
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Originally Posted by drwpreds View Post
I'm not throwing a party because we had a good offensive game against a depleted defense- we all get that the Avs stink. We weren't facing a Predators style, top notch defense- but the offense was really good today- you cannot deny that- almost 40 shots on goal and 5 goals.

The problem people have with you is that you are your same critical self regardless of the outcome- if we get shutout and have 14 shots, you are critical- if we get 5 goals and 40 shots, you are still critical because you are convinced they won't do it the next game. What kind of thinking is that?

Tell me again why Edmonton gets praise for their game against Colorado and we don't, when we actually were more efficient??

Again, the offense did its job today- the defense and Mason did not- it is utterly ridiculous that anyone would spend time criticizing the offense after losing a 6-5 game
edmonton gets no praise from me. im simply noting Colorado's previous game. and people can think whatever of me. im being realistic. our offense is crap and is in no way good enough to win a cup. rinne would have to stand on his head for us to win 16 games in the playoffs.

we will do the same as always. we will squeak into the playoffs in around 6th place.. (have my doubts if we even get in) .. we will then face a tough opponent and have an early exit. trotz and poile will then get kudos for "getting the most out of so little" .. we'll be drafting mid to late in the first.. wont get any help offensively. no free agents will want to sign here cause its Nashville. we will be in the same spot next year and ill be shouting the same damn things. people like you and 101 can bash me, i truly dont give 2 ****s. im not sure if some of yall are still in "don't want to lose the team" mode. but im sick of the same **** every year. YES, we are beyond blessed with such a well run organization but i want more. im tired of the current state.. same crap, different year. i have watched this team for a very long time and the NHL, and I think both you and I know that we are multiple pieces away from being a real contender. unless rinne turns to JS Giguere. im calling it like i see it.

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