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02-18-2013, 10:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Toxic0n View Post
This is completely false, I get sub 15ms pings to servers in Seattle and Vancouver and max out my bandwith when downloading.
I've had Telus internet and Optik TV for almost 5 years now, ever since Telus TV first came out, before Mediaroom.
Zero issues with the internet this whole time, some minor ones with the TV (growing pains I guess). 25Mbps is plenty fast for me, but for others it may not be. I like being able to use my Xbox as a second tuner in the bedroom. I love the PVR functionality, remote recording, their smartphone apps, etc. Just far more technologically advanced than Shaw.

I would recommend Telus TV except for one thing - Telus has so many billing issues, I've had to call them probably 10 times in the last 5 years about screwing up my bill. Also, they randomly raise the prices on their channel packages. Sure, they put a notice in small print on your bill but it is kinda of shady. Not sure about Shaw, but I don't like it when my bill constantly keeps going up. So I call them every 3-6 months, threaten to cancel, get some freebies, rinse repeat etc. Sometimes they even screw up the freebies and end up charging me for them so I end up having to call back. Horrible billing.

Even with the recent increases, my bill is cheaper then the promotional limited time offers Shaw keeps sending me. Does Shaw really think I'll pay $120+ a month for their basic internet, HD package and home phone for 6 months and 150+ afterwards? Who the **** needs a home phone anyway? I'm paying around 70 a month with Telus for the 25Mbps internet and basic HD + 3 channel packs (sports, entertainment, movies)

From price and usability perspective, Telus is far superior. However, I hear that Shaw has better customer service.
I'm just waiting until I can get Novus so I can tell them both to shove it.
I'll address the bolded

1. Certainly Telus has better apps currently, their UI for their menu is second to none. I personally like it. With that being said, I have heard they are developing apps when I called in. They do have a VOD app now.

2. Again, addressing Telus' internet speed, when you sign up for their service they DO NOT guarantee their speeds. What do I mean?

Notice 'Upto to 25mbps' where as other providers don't state the word 'upto' since it is a dedicated bandwidth service which it should be with all service providers. Obviously if you don't download a lot you don't have much to worry about.

Oh and let us not forget about this.... (Telus slashes customers bandwidth in HALF without letting existing customers know unless they were signed up through E-Billing.) Yes, this is a huge deal considering if you're streaming a 720P movie / 1080P through Netflix, it might be able to get you through the first couple of weeks, but just be wary if they charge extra o your bill.

3. I'm not sure what kind of promotions you're getting but both those prices you have listed are regular prices.

4. If you're upset with Telus, you can tell them that you're getting offered a real good deal from a competitor and I almost guarantee they will match. They'll just make you sign a contract for them to match.

5. You don't need to take a home phone if you don't want too, you can just tell them you want the TV and Internet with any provider...that is your right.

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