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Originally Posted by blinds View Post
That's pretty damn misleading, and not just because Giroux's first 2 seasons barely equal half a season together..
The games played were included for a reason.

Originally Posted by blinds View Post
he didn't get nearly the ice time or opportunity those other players did because he wasn't regarded as the same kind of talent at that point in his career, he had to earn his ice time and play with lesser linemates.
Are you serious right now? Do you think NHL coaching are stupid? It doesn't matter whether you're a #1 overall or a 7th rounder, if you're on the team they evaluate based on your skill and you play the corresponding role. If Giroux was capable of putting those numbers or even playing on the first line then he would have. There are plenty of people who get paid good money to make sure you're role on the team is in line with your skill level. The reason Giroux didn't put up Crosby's numbers isn't because he "wasn't regarded as the same kind of talent" but because he wasn't capable.

Originally Posted by blinds View Post
Just because those players walked into the league as stars doesn't mean every great player does.. Look at Datsyuk's career. Or Zetterberg's, which is a little more relevant to this discussion. They didn't start producing right away either. The fact is, Giroux started at the bottom, and as his talent became apparent he was given more and more opportunities, which he took and exceeded expectations until room was made and he was given a leading role in the team last year, and look what he did.
I agree completely, we should look at Datsyuk and Zetterberg. They aren't 90+ players, they're 70+ players, and that's exactly what Giroux is IMO. The difference between 70+ and 90+ points is night and day really.

Giroux is one of the better players in the league... yes, he will but up pretty damn good numbers... yes; he is in an offensive class with Crosby Malkin and Stamkos... no, his career so far doesn't indicate that at all.

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