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02-18-2013, 10:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Flyerfan808 View Post
I had the opportunity to test the beta for SimCity 5 over saturday and sunday. As a longtime fan of the series (since it's inception), I was thouroghly pleased at what I saw and this is with a limited amount of playing time and limited features. FWIW, I was sold, I will definitely be buying this one.
I LOVED the beta and am also definitely buying it. I was torn between that and MLB 2kwhatever, but after some limited research, I found that 2k is releasing pretty much the same game as last year...the same game that was getting 4 out of 10s. I'll pass and get SimCity, want to get back to PC Gaming anyway...Though from what I've seen from Destiny, and of course NHL and Halo...I'll keep the 360 around.

Originally Posted by shipwreck View Post
My sister in law gave my 5 year old one for Christmas. The games she gave him were not really appropriate.

I looked, and there are not many games for it at all. It does take pictures, cruise the net, and can send email. It may do more, but that's what I saw after playing with it for a few minutes.

We ended up selling it with the games online, and then buying him an ipad mini with the $.

I think if ya give it more time, maybe there will be more games out there
The upcoming release list for Vita games sits at about 10-12 games. The release list for 360 and PS3 sits at about 35-45, even with brand new systems on the horizon. Even 3DS blows Vita out of the water with upcoming titles. It's an extremely under utilized system, and it's unfortunate.

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