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02-18-2013, 10:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Ron View Post
We have three starting D men out due to injuries, what is so hard for you to understand? Of course we can't be at the level we were last season because (1) the injuries, and (2) that historic run won't be repeated.

I am patient, that near half-century has taught me patience. It's a long season, even if its only slightly longer than half as usual. We still have 3/4 of the way to go. Why don't you go ahead and take a Xanax and relax?

I understand what winger is saying in that sometimes people get really frustrated and vent. That said, you hit the nail on the head pretty much. I don't support xanax (never had it) but I do support the idea of venting and then relaxing. Faith is a good thing.

This is the team that we all cheered all the way to the cup. The same coaches and GM that got us a cup. Most of the exact same players or players who are filling in for those players who got us a cup. This team has proven that it can do what it takes to win the cup.

Its ok to get frustrated but it is sad to lose faith in the team especially this early or when the team is doing everything it can to try and cover the absence of three (now) of its top performers. I mean we built this team from the net out.

Goalie first.

D second and whatever forwards we needed last. (MR Carter Gags etc).

We built our system around our G and D system that everyone has to be playing in order for us to be successful. We now are having to play without two or three of those guys and it is A, going to take time for the rookies to adjust to the NHL game and B, they can only do what they can do and that isn't going to be as good as the guys they are replacing, at least not this early in their careers.

So it is going to be a bumpy ride but I still see us playing much better hockey all the time and as our kid D get better/more accustomed to our game we will continue to do better.

While all of this is going on we have DL and co trying to A, figure out if we actually need to replace WM and MG for the rest of the season, B, how best to do that if we do and C, always trying to improve the rest of our team while they are at it.

They got us to the cup last year and I can't see why they can't get us ready to play for it again.

Ron is bang on when he says that time has taught the long suffering fans patients. I would only add that winning has taught us that it is alright to trust the people in charge of this team to do their jobs and the players to continue putting everything together until the very day that we either win the cup again or are without a doubt eliminated from a shot at it this year though I highly doubt that is going to happen.

Faith = good thing to have. Makes watching the game more fun.

I believe in the team from GM to the rookies in our line-up and in the fact that they are all giving every last thing that they possibly have right now to bring the cup back this year (and for as long as they can).

Losing sucks but it is temporary. We have already proven that we know how to win it all and that is forever. We all want to win. We know we can do it. Now its time to have a little faith and give the team all the support that we can until we win the cup again.

We are asking the team and co to give their all, we need to do the same and I believe we do. All of us.

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